luni, 5 octombrie 2015

working in progress and the finished pillow sham

The modern quilt's are very close to my soul,so i try to do something different then i have done before.I refurnish my living room and because my sofa will by dark gray i feel like a red spot will be what my room need.Let's work.I choose the fabric and i enjoy to play with the design.I use light gray fabric for the background ,solid red and printed gray printed black fabric for the design.I use fusible web to.According to my inspiration i cut the fabric and i use the free motion foot to attach.At the end i use satin stitch to cover the row edges.

At the end look's like this.
Free motion quilting to developing the modern design,gray binding and my 17"pillow sham is ready.Quilting is fun and some music help to feel better all the time.